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This is actually mainly addressed to those who are still not a member of the community yet.

- For those who have left a comment but still find yourself unable to gain access to the posts, that could be because you did not submit a request to join the community. simply click 'Join the Community' located at the top of the page, and submit a request, and at the same time leave a short comment here.
- For those who have submitted a request but still find yourself unable to gain access to the posts, that could be because you did not leave a comment, so pls do so. this is just to ensure that you have read the rules :) 
- And if you happened to do both, but still find yourself locked out, it could be because we've simply overlooked your comment, so pls leave a short comment here saying you have done so, and we will add you shortly. we apologize for the inconvenience as we are currently swamped with issues.

We seek your cooperation in these areas! and look forward to welcoming you as a member of the community!
Have a great day everyone! :)

コメントして頂いた方にはペイジのトップで”Join This Community”を必ずクリックして下さい。
また、”Join This Community”をクリックした、でもコメントを投稿していなかった方には必ずルールを読んでコメントして下さい。


Welcome to  community!

This community is set up with the main purpose of providing various Arashi-related news and updates that includes news clips and articles, TV appearances, magazines etc.

We hope you will enjoy what you can find here, but for that, you will first need to join the community as all posts will be locked. Please read the rules follow before joining and leave a comment in this post with the reply to the following

キラキラ(ピンク色)QUESTION 1. Provide a brief introduction about yourself.  Please provide your name, country, how you became arashi fan,  how long have you been arashi fan, who's your arashi ichiban and why do you like Arashi.
Q1.自己紹介をしてください ~ あなたのお名前は何ですか, 国 , どのように嵐を知りましたか, 誰が好きなメンバーです, なぜ嵐が好きですか...?

キラキラ(ピンク色)QUESTION 2 . Why do you want to join this community? There are many  Livejournal communities that exist and also share Arashi updates, please give your reason as to why you want to be part of this community.
Q2. なぜあなたはサイトに追加しますか? あなたの理由を記入してください

キラキラ(ピンク色)QUESTION 3 . Can you tell us how you found out about this community ?  If from other community/forums, please specify which one?
Q3. あなたのVoxユーザー名は何?
あなたはVoxから来たしなかった場合, あなたはこのサイトを見つける方法を教えてください

キラキラ(ピンク色)QUESTION 4. Please read the "Rules for Joining the Community" section and agree to the following:
1. Please state that you agree to rules of no repost/reupload of materials posted
2. Please state that you will be an active participant of this community.

Q4.  してくださいルールを読んで、同意、次の:
2. あなたが出場するとのコメントを残しに同意

キラキラ(ピンク色)QUESTION 5. What is your blog account? Please tell me your main blog site address (LJ, fc2, tumblr, facebook, weibo, blogspot, naver etc...).
Q5. あなたのブログアカウントですか?どのようなサイトが名前です (e.g. LJ, fc2, tumblr, facebook, weibo, blogspot,  naver etc...)

星 Please read and agree the following rules below :

Collapse )

To complete your request to join:
1. Leave a comment to this post with your answers to all 5 questions
2. Click on the"Join the community" button
**Please make sure you do both steps to get accepted.

1. すべての5つの質問に答えてこの記事にコメントを残す
2. クリックして"コミュニティに参加"ボタンをクリックします

If your request has been denied, it means that you have not completed both of these steps. Please try again and re-submit your request.


We will get back to your request shortly and hope you will enjoy our new community.
We look forward to your cooperation in all matters.

我々はあなたに戻ってすぐに取得する どうぞ宜しくお願いします!
Thank you very much!